Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jigsaw Reading part 2 - pics

Here are some pics of the worksheets I used the the advanced-level classes.




1 - I whipped up a worksheet this morning to review some of the language and concepts we learned yesterday.  The first part was fairly straightforward, but included a couple new words (relics, solar) which threw them at first, but I told them to do the words they knew first.  When we checked answers, they were able to infer those words' meanings as I hoped they would.  Beyond exposing the kids to yesterday's targeted language content again, one of my objectives in this section was to present some of that TLC in differing contexts from those in which it was presented yesterday, hoping this would cause them to reorder the content in their minds and increase the likelihood of acquisition.

I designed the second part for open discourse.  They developed their ideas as groups and we discussed them as a class. (I noticed the typo in short-answer question 1 too late... should've used 'many' instead of 'much'... didn't catch that when I read over  :/ )

2 - This is the worksheet from yesterday which I provided with the group readings.  It includes two or three questions directly related to each teams' own reading section, one or two which they might've been able to infer the answers to, and a few others for which the answer could only be obtained by interacting with other groups.

3 - Here's the section of text I gave to group 1 in each class.

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